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Powder Bath – Before and After!


Monday is like a math problem. Add the irritation, subtract the sleep, multiply the problems, divide the happiness.  – Unknown

Isn’t this exactly what you feel like on Monday morning?  Back to the “grind”.  On the bright side … I am still here and healthy.  I shouldn’t be complaining about any day of the week, but when that alarm goes off on Monday morning, no amount of optimism can stop the bad words from coming out of my mouth.

I am excited to show you my nearly finished powder bath today.  If you remember from previous posts, we purchased a foreclosure that needed quite a bit of work.  The powder bath on the first floor was nothing but a pedestal sink and a light fixture.  No toilet, no mirror and absolutely NO character.  I only have one before picture … this was pre-blogging days so I wasn’t thinking ahead (unfortunately).

The floor was also in terrible shape.  Looks like there was some water damage – probably when the toilet was ripped out of the wall by the Toilet Thief!  I am not a pedestal sink girl.  I apologize in advance to those that have pedestals, but I just have never liked the way they look, the fact that they have no storage and that you can’t put much on the sink top.  Have you ever stayed at anyone’s house as a guest and been given the bathroom with the pedestal sink?  Where do you set down your toiletries or plugged in curling iron?  It always ends up on the back of the toilet.  Yuk!  Okay … that is my two cents on pedestal sinks.  So, as you might have guessed – the pedestal sink had to go!

Doesn’t this new vanity make such a huge difference over the pedestal?  Storage and a countertop, as well as an awesome Rustic Red by Sherwin Williams.  I had this vanity made for me at European Antique Pine Warehouse in Roswell, GA.  I have used them for many pieces in the past.  They do the most amazing work and are reasonable.  All their wood is shipped over in crates from Europe and the owners are a husband and wife that are lovely.  Check them out at europeanantiquepine.com!

Oh – let me just say that I know the towel is shedding and not so good looking.  That will be changing.

I love the red vanity with the new bird wallpaper. I adore this paper with a perfect mustard/gold background and rustic red branch and bird design.  It makes this entire bath.

The mirror is up and a floral basket behind the toilet was added.  More on these items…

Close up of the floral basket.  I love the colors and the rustic look of the basket.

Another angle … I like the texture it adds on top of the flat wallpaper.

The mirror is an old antique frame that I had sitting in my basement for years.  It had actually been in my mom’s house at one time with an ugly picture of a baby in a papoose (sorry mom – I’m sure it was really “in” at one time).  The linen surround was already part of the frame.  I just picked up a frameless mirror at Walmart for $7.00 and put it behind the frame – hung the mirror up and Ta-Da … custom mirror!  I really like how it turned out.  The mirror has a little distressing and some carving that gives it character and texture.

Do you ever take a picture and notice something that you did not really notice before you took the picture?  For me it is always my double chin.  Oops – I got off track there for a second – back to the bathroom.  In this picture (besides the ugly hand towel) it is the white light switch plates.  Those needed to be wallpapered – yesterday.  I will be on that immediately!

These bird pictures I had used in a previous dining room.  I found the pictures at an Estate Sale for $5.00 each.  They were on a heavy linen paper.  What a deal!  I then had them framed with the rustic red matting.  They were just perfect for this bathroom and I didn’t need to buy anything new.  I love it when you can re-use something in an entirely different room and you like it just as much as when you used it the first time. Yay!

Close up of the wallpaper.  Color is not really coming out accurately – it is more of a mustard color … damn camera!

And the final picture …

A TOILET!!!!  Oh – and check out the newly finished and stained floors.

A pretty big improvement – don’t you think?  I still need a rug for the floor.  It has been quite a challenge.  I am such a symmetrical person and putting a small rug in front of the vanity would not center up because the vanity is against the wall.  I have tried 3 different sizes and each one drove me crazy.  I think my next try will be a small round rug in the center of the bathroom floor.  I have given up on centering something in front of the vanity.

I hope you enjoyed seeing the changes I have made to my powder bath.  If you did enjoy this post, please consider passing it on or subscribing to my little blog!  I look forward to seeing you back tomorrow!  Happy Monday – try to keep those swear words under control!

Hope your life is more heaven than havoc!


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Fabulous Friday Favorites


TGIF!!!  Kids are out of school today – not sure if that is good or bad?  The sleeping late part is good – but the constant bickering … not so much!

I have decided to start a new addition to Friday posts … My top 3 Fabulous Friday Favorites.  I would love your opinions and comments.  What do you think?


I am so in love with burlap right now.  I love it as a table runner, art, wreaths and pillows and anything else I can wrap up with it!  I think it can work in all types of homes – cottage, rustic, traditional, contemporary and beach.

Source: google.com via Lauran on Pinterest

Source: homageblog.com via Bea on Pinterest

Source: etsy.com via Liz on Pinterest

Seriously … isn’t burlap the bomb! I love the texture, neutral colors and flexibility. It’s not the coziest thing to lay on – but it sure looks good!

2.  BIRDS:

If you haven’t seen birds everywhere then you have been living in a cave.  From high-end boutiques to Pottery Barn to Walmart – they are on everything!  They can be multi-colored, solid colors (like a silhouette), big or small.   Birds are on wallpaper, pillows, bedding, table dressings, art – you name it!  Here are just a few of my favorites (including my own powder bath)!

I was so thrilled when this wallpaper went up in my powder bath.  I know the colors are kind of hard to see on these pictures, but the background is a gold/mustard color and the pattern is a rustic red.  I seriously hugged my walls when the paper was installed – I was so excited!

These are the bird pictures on the wall in the powder bath.  I picked up the main pictures at an estate sale for $5.00 each – then had them framed.  They look so expensive … I love a deal!  I will be doing another post on the transformation of this bathroom.  This bath didn’t even have a toilet when we moved in!

Cute bird fabric! Would be wonderful in a playroom, nursery or little girl’s room. I think I would also like it on pillows for outdoors – funky!

This is my daughter’s room.  I purchased this tree and bird decals on Etsy.  It was really easy to apply and changed the entire look of the room.  She loves it!

Bird pillows from Pottery Barn.  Google “bird pillows” – you won’t believe what will come up – amazing!



I want this pillow so bad for the banquette in my kitchen.  I think it is so funky and cute!  I am just afraid the white will not be white for long after 4 kids wipe their hands on it!  Boo!

3.  OWLS:

I know … I know … you are thinking “Are owls not birds? Why a whole category on owls?”  Because they make me happy happy happy … !  These pictures are from my own personal owl collection – Oh my God!  I sound like I am 100!

This is my pride and joy … an antique McCoy owl cookie jar.  I adore it so much that I am afraid to use it, so it sits on a shelf, holding up my cookbooks.  I got it on Ebay!

This is my owl from Mexico.  I like to pretend that I got it while staying in a 5 star resort in Cabo … but I really got it at a garage sale for 50 cents.  Yay me!

Just a little grouping of unusual owls.  When I see them in a picture, I realize I might be a little obsessed.

This was the first owl I ever bought.  I saw it in a magazine spread and was determined to have it.  Now you can find them pretty easily, but at the time, I had to stalk the internet to track it down … not to mention I paid a fortune.  Oops!

Yikes is this a bad picture or what?  This is my rock owl family.  I really am crazy!

And just to prove that I have truly lost my mind … a Wizard Owl.  Really?

This next picture is not in my collection – but I wish it was … Oh no, I think I might need an owl sponsor to “talk me down” from the crazy tree.


Are you ready for more kitchen remodeling?  See you back on Monday for the Kitchen – DURING post!  Have a great weekend!

Hope your life is more heaven than havoc!