Rental House at Amelia Island


If you have been following my posts lately, you will know that I have just come back from my annual GBB (Girl’s Behaving Badly) Weekend with my childhood friends.  I must admit the bad behavior is slowly lessening each year as we age and our bad mouths have been increasing.  Not quite sure what that says about us … but at least our minds are still sharp!

We had the pleasure of staying at a wonderful rental home that I found on VRBO (Vacation Rentals By Owner).  If you have never vacationed through this website, I have to encourage you to give it a try!  We have stayed in so many wonderful places across the world by contacting home owners directly and staying in their beautiful homes.  This past weekend was no exception.  Take a look at our weekend home away from home:

Awwww… nothing better than a Cape Cod at the beach!

Comfy slip-covered couch – check.  Sisal rug – check.  Shrimp and crab pillows – check.  Yep … we are definitely at the beach!

Love the big farmhouse table … spent a little time here working on my blog and looking at the view.  I could get used to that!

The window over the kitchen sink had the most amazing views.  Makes doing dishes a joy (seriously – who am I kidding … dishes suck – view or no view)!

The island/counter was high and made for a great place for hanging out and putting out snacks.  It also served as a great bar for margaritas!  I really loved how this was all one big open room – we spent most of our time here.  Oh – and did you check out the ceilings – awesome!

Kitchen was equipped with everything we needed!  You may not notice, but the toaster is missing.  Funny little story.  “45 y.o.” pregnant girl put her fish oil tablet on her plate and then cut her english muffin on the same plate.  Little did she know that the tablet stuck to the muffin and went into the toaster.  All of a sudden – the whole group was dry heaving from a NASTY fish smell.  No one could figure out where it was coming from … until Pregs couldn’t find her tablet.  We ran the toaster outside on the deck and there it sat until the end of the trip.  So funny!  Notice I had to get the fact that she is 45 years old in there somewhere.  It never ends.

If the homeowner is reading this … we cleaned toaster as best we could.  Hope we don’t need to buy you a new one.  Yikes!

These are the steps to the second floor … there is a similar set down to the lower level.  Lots of steps …

This was the master bedroom.  Isn’t it beautiful?  So serene and relaxing – at least before everyone got there.  I had to take a picture of it before the gang arrived because “serene” isn’t really in this group’s vocabulary!

Another picture of the Master.  The color was so beautiful with the ocean view out the doors.  The doors led to a little balcony – you could see for miles.

Another angle of the master.  Those little doors led into a HUGE closet that spanned the length of the entire room.  There was one on each side.  The first group to arrive took a picture of the closet and told the other group that that was where they were staying.  We think we are funny … not so much!?

Master bath … the tub was HUGE!  Loved it!

Close up of the Master sinks.  Super funky!  I love Mexican tile!

This was a neat little loft area outside of the master.  Would be great for a bunch of kids – the daybed had a trundle under it.  You could also put a bunch of sleeping bags down – shut the door and let them be as loud as they wanted to be.  As coincidence would have it … our loudest friend occupied this room.  Little does she know – there are no coincidences – duh duh duh (insert evil laugh here)!

This is the foyer going into one of the guest bedrooms.  Bedroom on the left – bathroom on the right.  This is the original room “Loud” friend was in until she was pushed encouraged to stay in the loft.  “You will have your own room!”  Translation:  “you never stop talking- it’s 4:00 a.m. and I need to sleep”!  She knows we love her!

Isn’t that a stunning blue on this piece of furniture?  Great for a beach place!

Gorgeous yellow walls … however, not so conducive to girls who need to be a little less talkative.  Hee!

This was the super cute porch off of this guest room.  We did allow “loud talker” to use the porch – and the bathroom.  We aren’t that mean!

This was “Pregs” room.  It was on the lower level – we called it the Propeller room.  It was really cute.  We let her have her own room – mainly because none of us wanted to “catch” what she’s got!  Just kidding … it was really because she was too big to fit anyone else in bed with her.  Oh my God … I am cracking myself up. Once again … she knows we love her!

Another view of the Propeller Room.

The other guest room on the lower level.  We called this the Surfboard Room.  See next pic to see why:

Now you see why?

One of the views from our deck.  **great big sigh**  Wish I was still there.

I spent a little time in that chair.  Can you say addicted to reading “Fifty Shades of Gray”???

Last picture of the view.  The ocean was not super warm but refreshing (so I heard – I am not a swim in the ocean with critters kinda gal).  The beach was quiet, relaxing and luxurious!  A wonderful long weekend!

There it is … my home away from home last week.  Hope you enjoyed the tour and were not too offended by the remarks made to friends.  We are like sisters and can handle any and all ribbing!  At least that is what we tell each other.

Hope your life is more heaven and beautiful beaches than havoc!


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  1. What a beautiful home! Glad you had a fun vacation with your GBB girls! 🙂

    Thanks for linking up to the CHQ Blog Hop this week!
    Barbara @ Chase the Star

  2. I came over from Serenity Now. I went to Amelia Island for a girls’ weekend a long time ago and loved it (I think your GBBs sound like my Cabin Girls!) This house looks like the perfect vacation rental. Thanks for sharing!

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