Teach Me Tuesday – “Iron” Wall Art


Hi All!

Before I get to Teach Me Tuesday, I wanted to share a video with you that made me laugh so hard.  Check out this hilarious kid at:

This Bowl is Too Heavy

This is video reminds me of when my kids were little. They were so dramatic about everything. Nothing has changed since they became teenagers – it is just a lot louder. I swear all I have to do is ask someone to bring the garbage cans in or feed the dogs and you would have thought I asked them to do hard labor in Siberia. They do it, but there is a whole lotta griping.

Today’s Teach Me Tuesday will be one of the easiest and cheapest projects I will show you. You only need 3 things:  a rubber doormat, a can of spray paint and sandpaper.  You will be able to make an amazing piece of artwork that looks just like an iron piece for your walls.  Iron is expensive.  This knock-off can be made for a fraction of the cost and looks just as expensive.  Plus you can customize it to be exactly what you want!

1.  A Rubber Doormat

You can find these everywhere right now – even the Dollar Store or Big Lots.  They are cheap and come in many different sizes, so use what suites you.  It is even okay to cut it up into pieces if you so desire. Be creative!

You can use your finished product horizontally or vertically.

2.  A Can of Spray Paint.  I like Antique White by Valspar.

3.  Sandpaper.

I like these sandpaper blocks, but you can really use any sandpaper you have laying around.  If you have an electric sander, you can use that also – makes it go a lot faster and saves your arm muscles.  You all know how I feel about sanding – it is a workout!  Note:  do not use 220 grit sandpaper like I have in this picture.  It will rip up your sanding block (I found this out the hard way).  I would use an 80 or 100 grit.

So those are the three products you need to complete this awesome project.  I just love simple supplies.  Here is what you do next:

Spray paint the rubber mat with the Antique White (or whatever color you choose).  Don’t worry about it being perfect, you are going to be sanding a lot of the edges to get that worn, rustic iron look.

I went over it a couple times, just to get into the corner and crevices.  Took me probably less than 10 minutes.  Yay!  Now – just sit back and wait for it to dry.

Okay … honesty time.  I went out to sand my mat and I only had the 220 grit sandpaper on hand.  So the next few pictures are not my finished product, but you will definitely get the idea of how cool this project looks when it is finished.



Source: salvagedior.blogspot.com via DeannaL on Pinterest

Close up of the finished product. Isn’t is amazing how it looks just like iron? Another plus is that it is so much lighter to hang on the wall. Do you ever hang a heavy art piece over your couch or your bed and obsess about when it is going to fall on your head? No? Oh, maybe those are my issues. Hmmmmm….

Source: salvagedior.blogspot.com via Georgeann on Pinterest

See how incredible the different shapes can look together? The half-moon mat really makes a statement on the wall!

Source: lemontreecreations.blogspot.com via CatchtheMoon on Pinterest

This is another way to use a rubber doormat. This is just the mat laid on top of a stained piece of wood. Then spray paint and peel back the mat. Beautiful!

Source: lemontreecreations.blogspot.com via Patricia on Pinterest

Another look … used four boards to make one piece of art. This is called an “image split”. You see it on canvases a lot.

Source: tungandsara.blogspot.com via Amy on Pinterest

Source: Uploaded by user via Jenna on Pinterest

That’s all for today! I am leaving tomorrow morning for my annual girlfriends weekend. I meet up with 8 friends that I have known since kindergarten. We get together once a year and laugh until we hurt.  The weekend is called GBB Weekend (Girl’s Behaving Badly) – enough said. I will have a special post on Wednesday with some pictures of the GBB gang. See you then!

Hope your life is more heaven than havoc!


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I am the President and CEO of the Smith House (according to me). I am married and we have four teenagers all within 3 1/2 years of each other - including a set of twins. Let's just say I log more miles on my car then a NY taxi driver. I am one crazy, busy lady. But - I know that the kids will be off to college soon enough so I relish the craziness and take lots of Xanax (oops I mean baths). I love to see things that are in havoc turn into heaven on earth. I am a self taught designer who has a passion for paint colors, fabrics, vintage accessories and everything on Etsy and Pinterest! I hope you enjoy my blog. I will be showing all kinds of scenarios that have been taken from "Havoc to Heaven" - from remodeling, refinishing and maybe just starting from scratch!

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    • Thanks Linsey! I saw it in one of the DIY magazines a while ago and have been meaning to try it. It really is so easy and the results are awesome! Thanks for stopping by!

    • Thanks so much! I am not sure how much I will be able to share about my weekend. We think we are hilarious – but I’m not sure if anyone else would get it. I will definitely share what I can … :o)

      Glad you like the “iron” rubber doormat idea! So easy!

  1. Oh my this looks so real!! What a fantastic idea!! I love that it isn’t heavy to hang…I have stuff falling on peoples heads issues too 🙂
    Thank you so much for sharing!!!

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