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Fabulous Friday Favorite – Ballard Outlet


TGIF!!!  It has been one crazy week at the Smith household.  Kid activities every night this week – lacrosse practices, book club (oops, that is my activity), debate match, athletic banquet and band banquet.  I am whooped!  Of course not too whooped to show you a FFF that is also has some really good deals!

Here in Atlanta, we are lucky enough to have two Ballard Outlets.  One of the outlets is not too far from my house, so I like to visit it every once in a while (that is wife code for frequently).  My last visit was one of the best, as far as inventory being plenty.  This outlet store is like so many others, it can be “hit or miss” depending on the day. They run weekly specials that are listed on the big bulletin board when you walk in.  Remember my little orange furniture piece for my foyer?  Yep – Ballard Outlet!

If you are not familiar with Ballard’s, you don’t know what you are missing!  Run (don’t walk) to your computer and check out their website for some full price goodies.  They also have a wonderful catalog you should be sure to sign up for when you are on their site!  If you are patient, the items eventually make it to the outlet store.  Patience is not really my forte … but for a really good deal, I will wait!

Here are my finds from my last visit …Please keep in mind that I took these photos on the “sly” on my camera phone.  I always feel weird taking pictures in a store – I am waiting for Dateline to jump out from behind the counter and bust me!  I apologize for the quality of the photos – but I think you will get the gist!

Lamp shades that look like mercury glass for $5.00 – Really!

Yardsticks made into a table?  I think we can make this.

Lots of mirrors for all different tastes and styles!  Looks like someone bought quite a few off the wall before I got there.

I was drooling over these sconces.  I love the patina and size!  Gorgeous.  They did not go home with me – but they sure wanted to!

Clocks – Box – Ticks – Tocks.  Clocks in Box go Tick Tock.

No – that was not Dr. Seuss writing that last line – it was me.  I might take up rapping in my spare time.  Watch out Eminem!

How cool would this nautical rope spool table (that’s my name for it) look in a beach house?

Close up of nautical rope spool table top.

Love the look of old wood with contemporary iron.

I actually bought this next many years ago from this outlet store.  I got it for about $50.00 because it had no legs.  I bought some cheap wooden legs on-line – stained them to (almost) match the desk – screwed them on and wa-la! New desk.  It has been in my son’s room and still looks great!

A cute cottage corner piece.  This would look great in a girl’s room, playroom or even a really casual living room.  It is hard to find a corner piece with a cottage look.

The outlet is doing a much better job at setting up little scenes within the store.  I like the way these accessories are displayed instead of just thrown on a shelf.

Doesn’t this headboard have the most amazing “lines”?  It was just sitting in the corner, all by itself, begging to go home with someone.

One entire wall of table tops and pedestal bottoms.  I have used one of these tables for crafting and it was incredible.  Big, sturdy and good looking.  Unfortunately it was too big to “make the cut” when we downsized.  I’m still bummed.

I love this desk.  I seem to be drawn to desks and tables with the “X” leg.  Oh and look at those zebra bags – they were spread out all over the store.  So cool!

This was a funky, nautical compass table.  It was the only one I saw in the store.  I am sure some lucky beach house owner or boating enthusiast snapped this little table right up!

Really like the nautical details on the legs of the table.

Tons of bulletin and chalk boards!

A display that includes a little of everything – rugs, furniture, pillows, mirrors and accessories.

Check out all those incredible planters in all shapes, colors and sizes.  They look like ceramic, but they are that lightweight foam stuffy (I think that’s the clinical word for it).  A couple of these pots were HUGE!  They would look amazing by a pool.

Linen – slip covered look chair.  Can be left as is … or could even be recovered for the price, you would still come out ahead.  I like the lines of this chair – could be French, Cottage or even English decor.

Speaking of French decor … look at this amazing ottoman!

Need some window treatments?  Start digging.

An entire wall of canvas art!  One of this day’s specials was 40% off all wall art.  Yipee!

I carried this picture around with me through the entire store.  I was sure it was mine.  At the last minute it went back on the wall – if I second guess, than it is not meant to be.  The flower was more coral than orange  – it threw me off. I really did like it.  Oh no … I am third guessing and that means I will now have to have it.

I would love to do a “knock-off” of this picture on my own.  I love how it looks like folk art!

Love love love the colors.  Hated that it was flat with no texture.  I wonder if I could do something like this by incorporating a thickening medium to make this a multi-dimensional piece. Another thing to add to the “to-do” list.

Daffodils are so happy!  This would look amazing on a porch!

Uh oh … another addition to the “to-do”.  This driftwood mirror is so awesome.  I am loving the textures and neutral color.  Ignore the stalking figure in black in the mirror.

Cute little clocks for $7.99.  What a great hostess gift!

Need a lampshade?

This headboard was sitting against the check-out counter.  It is just like the other lonely headboard, but a beautiful white washed color.  Love it!

I just barely captured this picture.  It was a display in the window and some lady came and bought the entire display – all the furniture and all the accessories.  Wow!

The other window display.

Outdoor cushions.  So bright and colorful!

Great little secretary desk with a bamboo chair.  So pretty.

I am seeing more and more white wash.  I like the quiet, neutral effect it has in a room.  Slip covers, sisal rugs, linen and white wash – great combination.

One of the things that are common at this outlet are pieces of furniture that may not have a match.  This is the hutch for the top of a desk – but check out what you can do with it …

A Bookcase for any room.  Incredible idea and pretty easy!  I love when you can reuse items for another purpose.

Wow!  Gorgeous mirrors for any room!!

I am exhausted from the tour – I didn’t even begin to show you all the lighting – another day.  Hope you enjoyed visiting the Ballard Outlet in Georgia.  It is worth the trip!

Hope your life is more heaven than havoc!


Orange is so “A-Peeling”!


I love orange.  If you have ever read my blog, you know I have said that before but I thought it was worth mentioning again since this post is about painting a piece of furniture orange.  Orange seems to be one of those colors that brings out a lot of emotion in people.  You either love it or you hate it.  Orange has to be done right or it can be blinding and give you a headache.  But when it is a soothing orange like a sunset or a fall pumpkin, there is nothing more beautiful.  It is a color that makes me happy.

This post is a long time in the making.  I started this project about two months ago.  I am an “instant gratification” kinda gal (much to the chagrin of my hubby), so I usually try to finish my projects pretty quickly.  But in this case the d**m pollen kept getting in the way.  Every time I tried to put another coat of primer or paint on, it would be covered in yellow in about 2 minutes and I would have to start over.  I got very tired of sanding and wiping pollen so I let the project sit for a while until the pollen lessened.  I finally finished this weekend and am pretty happy with the results.  It is not perfect – but then neither am I.

I have been wanting a little orange statement piece in my foyer for quite a while.  I could not find something I liked or that fit or that I could afford.  I decided to take matters into my own hands when I found this piece at Ballard Outlet for $69.99.  It was the perfect size and the right price, but it was an ugly, fake looking oak and I wanted orange.  (This is where I stomp my foot and pout with a little whine added). Smile.

Anyway … here is what I did.

I realize from this picture that the color looks much deeper than it really was – but trust me … ugly oak.

A before picture from another angle.

Yes, I know that my garage is a mess.  I tried to crop out as much as the crap as I could – but you will just have to look past it.  Thanks!

This picture shows the color much better.  The garage is …. yep – still a mess.

Step 1:  Take out all the drawers and shelves and remove all hardware.

Step 2:  Once again admire the great deal you got on your piece.

Yes, you are reading that right … the original price was $459.00 then marked down to $343.99 … I got it for $69.99.  Are you kidding?  Who in their right mind would have paid $459.00 for this?  No offense to any one who might have made this mistake … but yikes!

Step 3:  Grab your sanding and priming supplies.

Start stretching out your arms – sanding can be a bit of a work out.  At least that is what I tell myself when I don’t go to the gym.  “No problem – I can eat that ice cream.  I sanded today.”

Step 4:  Sand while humming “I’m sexy and I know it … I WORK OUT!”

Top is sanded … at this point I am a little tired.  Time to take a little lemonade break.  hee!

Step 5:  Wipe down the sanded piece with a clean cloth.

Step 6:  Prime the piece.

This does not have to be perfect.  You will sand it one more time in between priming and painting.  I did not prime the back because I planned on modpodging some funky paper on the back. I have not done this yet, but I do have the paper so any day now …

Step 7:  First coat of paint.

Don’t panic when you see the orange – it is not done.  This is the first coat.  I was lucky enough to find the perfect orange color in a spray paint.  It is from Valspar and it is called “Fonda Copper”.  I knew it would work – especially if I used a dark glaze with it.  Spray painting is very therapeutic for me – but not always great in the wind … FYI.

Again – does not need to be perfect if you are papering the back.

I don’t have pictures of the rest of the procedure – I really don’t know why.  I must have been having one of those “officially lost it” days.  But, to finish it up, here are the steps I took:

Step 8:  Light sanding and another coat of orange.

Step 9:  Distress the edges of the piece with a heavier sandpaper.

Step 10:  Put a dark walnut glaze over the piece, a small section at a time and them immediately wipe it off, while rubbing it in.  Does that make sense?

Step 11:  Glaze entire piece with a Minwax paste.  Makes it smooth, deepens the color and protects it.

Step 12:  Put drawers back in and hardware back on.  I was lucky enough that I liked the hardware.  This can be easily changed, however, if you don’t like your hardware.

Okay … before I show you the finished product, let me show you the empty corner it will call home:

If you see any “dust bunnies”  I don’t want to know.

I am excited to show you how the finished piece looks, but I have not finished the foyer enough to show you it all just yet.  That will have to wait for another post.  I still need to decorate the top of the table, pictures, lamps and rugs.  Coming soon.

I like the way it turned out.  I know you might be wondering about the drip marks on the doors.  I know my hubby was.  It was originally a mistake, but then I kinda liked it so I left it.  I may go back and cover it later if it bugs me – but it reminds me that things don’t have to be perfect to be beautiful.

Another tiny issue … the magnet on the left drawer is missing so it won’t close all the way.  Easy fix.

Boy – do I need a new camera!  Every picture looks like a different color.  I hope you get the gist.  Isn’t Mother’s Day coming up???

Well … that’s it for today.  What do you think of my Orange foyer piece?  Do you find it “A-peeling”?  Stay tuned for how it fits in the foyer together with the rest of the decor.  Happy Hump Day!

Hope your life is more heaven than havoc!


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Fabulous Friday Favorites 6 – Chevron


Friday should be a day that means you are nearing the end of a satisfying week and look forward to the weekend as simply a time to enjoy other activities but not as a method of mental escape.
~Byron Pulsifer

Alright -only a man would write this quote.  Are you serious Byron?  I can pretty much take an educated guess that Byron is single, childless and works at someplace un-stressful, like maybe Disney World.  Weekends were made for mental escape – who are we kidding?  Oh Byron ….

Let’s get down to business – I can only project so much anger on Byron – it is Friday!

Today’s FFF’s are all based on the pattern of Chevron.  I know that some think that Chevron has been over done lately, but I still love it’s boldness and how fun it makes the room feel.  Take a look …


I am in love with gray and yellow.  I always have been.  My dorm room in college (last year – HA!) was all gray and yellow.  I have to admit, my mom and I went a bit overboard on the matchy-matchy gray and yellow EVERYTHING!  My towels were gray with my name monogrammed in yellow, my shower caddy – you guessed it – yellow and even my plastic storage bins – bright yellow.  My bedding was such a cool gray and yellow with yellow pillows.  I found out much later that I was talked about quite a bit on the dorm floor for being … how should I say this gently?  NUTSO!

My house has no place for gray and yellow but I can wear it … If I had worn that color combo in college and laid on my bed it would have been like camouflage. I definitely could have spied on my roommate.

Okay …back to Chevron. Wow, did I get on a tangent!

Source: etsy.com via Missi on Pinterest

Source: designmom.com via Katie on Pinterest

Source: onekingslane.com via Beth on Pinterest

Source: etsy.com via Renee – on Pinterest

Source: tatertotsandjello.blogspot.com via Meredith on Pinterest

Source: gatherlove.tumblr.com via Lauren on Pinterest

Source: etsy.com via Mandi on Pinterest

Don’t you just love a little Chevron mixed in with your florals, stripes or geometrics?  Chevron can be contemporary, cottage, traditional even minimalist.  Throw a Chevron pillow on your couch and see how much it changes the entire looks of the room.  You can find these pillows at Target or Homegoods – don’t feel like you have to spend a ton of money.


Chevron makes a huge impact on your walls in any color.  I even like how it is painted on boards and leaned up against the wall.  These walls can make a statement in a bedroom, living room, bathroom or nursery.  I personally just like one accent wall in a chevron pattern.  If you did the entire room you might feel like you are in “dizzy-ville”.


Boy … I really am a little obsessed with gray and yellow.

Source: media-cache3.pinterest.com via Fallon on Pinterest

Source: neimanmarcus.com via Korey on Pinterest

Source: blog.citycraftonline.com via CityCraft on Pinterest

Source: lil-marla.livejournal.com via Alison on Pinterest

Source: ashlemieux.blogspot.com via Alison on Pinterest

Source: retropolitanhip.blogspot.com via Alison on Pinterest

Source: cooper-grey.com via Alison on Pinterest

Source: etsy.com via Alison on Pinterest

Of course I ended on a gray and yellow piece – and I swear that was unintentional.  I will take any one of these pieces. I think they are so funky and so cool. They are sophisticated and fun! There are not many things that can be described that way and used it so many different environments.

I hope you enjoyed seeing some of my FFF Chevron patterns today. Enjoy your weekend and MENTALLY ESCAPE – you deserve it!

Hope your life is more heaven than havoc!