Fun Things to do with Glass Jars!


Happy Thursday! The week is almost over and spring break is on the horizon. I know my kids are counting down the hours … and are pretty much over school for the week.

I love glass jars. I love them clear, in color, empty or full of cool things! Here are a couple things I have done with glass jars lately:

This is the shelf I put over my large window over the kitchen sink.  The three glass bottles on the left side are just plain antique green glass bottles.  I like them just all by themselves.  They are printed with a raised logo that says”1868 Honey”.

Just a small skinny bottle from Hobby Lobby adds a little color to a centerpiece tray.  This on my table in the banquette area.  Check out some additional things to do with simple bottles …

Source: via Daria on Pinterest

Super cute clear labels with the dictionary definitions of your basic baking staples. I love the way this looks.

Source: via Bridgette on Pinterest

How cute are these? Painted with oven-fired paint to make them dishwasher safe. Perfect for spring or Easter decorations too!

Source: via Julie on Pinterest

Terrariums in glass jars are so perfect as decoration in any area of the house. I like the addition of green in any room – it adds interest. Just really fun to look at!

Source: via Amika on Pinterest

Go out in your yard (or your neighbor’s yard in the dead of night – I’m not encouraging just suggesting) and pick some flowers. Wild flowers with long stems look really cool in these clear glass bottles.

Source: via Jamie on Pinterest

These jars are just covered in scrapbook paper with bows made from string and ribbon. Aren’t they cool? Any paper can be used to go with the decor of your house. Love it!

Source: via Noryne on Pinterest

Simple Ball jars you can buy at any local grocery store + a little twine + a small bunch of flowers = vintage heaven.

Source: via Lara on Pinterest

Here is another example of a great use of chalkboard paint.

Source: via Joie on Pinterest

Putting your collections in vintage glass jars make them look really unique and interesting. These would look great on a shelf behind your bar in the basement.

Source: via Mara on Pinterest

Organize your crafts in a way where you can not only see what you have, but it looks fabulous too!

Source: via Kristin on Pinterest

These candy jars are made out of old pickle jars and then set on candlesticks that have been spray painted white. Awesome!

Source: via Heather on Pinterest

Are you kidding? How easy is this? Wrap some twine around a jar – spray paint and Wa La … Huge Impact!

Source: via Missi on Pinterest

I am head over heels for this candle jar fixture for a screen porch. I can’t wait to build a porch just to have this hang in it. Wow!

Source: via Missi on Pinterest

And last but not least … I think this is my favorite way to use a simple Ball jar. Don’t be surprised if next time you come to my house for a party you will be drinking out of a jar.

Hope your life is more heaven than havoc!


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  1. Love the decal label ones for sugar, baking soda and stuff, so simple and cute!

    All I have is a blue little mason jar to store my foreign Euros. It was too adorable to throw away!

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