Fabulous Friday Favorites 3!


Hello All!

I can’t believe how fast these weeks are flying by … it seems like I just did a Fabulous Friday Favorites (FFF) and now here it is, Friday again.  Do you ever get freaked out by how fast your life is passing by every day, every month and all these years?  I think it goes extra fast when you have children.  I am going to have 4 teenagers this year.  I can’t even fathom that I am old enough to have 4 teens!  I feel like a was just a teenager myself and God knows I still act like one on most days.

Notice I said “act” not “look” like one.  What’s the deal with everything falling on your face and body?  Before I know it my butt will be behind my knees and my boobs ….   I can’t even think about it!  Oh – and what is going on with my eyelids?  AAAARRRGGGHHH!!

Moving on … I hope you enjoy this week’s FFF!


I can’t say I know for sure the history of Subway Art.  I tried to do some research, but all I came up with is that it originated in the subways in New York City.  Alot of that art was graffiti-based.  The subway art I am loving right now is the word art.  You have probably seen it – it is popping up everywhere.  I remember the first time I saw a piece of subway art was on a show on the DIY Network.  It was a long, wooden and black sign with white words listing out all the stops on a NYC subway train.  I thought it was so cool.  Now you can find any word grouping you can think of:  inspirational, holiday, baby, cities and a whole lot of others.

I got this piece of Minneapolis subway art from my sister for Christmas this year.  I love it so much.  Not just because it is cool and super trendy right now, but because it speaks of home.  I grew up in Minnesota but have been gone for 19 years.  Every one of these words have meaning to me and a memory attached.  I saw the Twins win the World Series in the Metrodome in 1987, my first real job was in a building right off the Nicollet Mall and I nervously merged into freeway traffic for the first time (in a orange Thunderbird) onto 35W.  Art should invoke a feeling in you … this one definitely does for me.

Here are some other examples of subway art that might mean something to you:

Source: etsy.com via L on Pinterest

Source: etsy.com via stephanie on Pinterest

Source: lilluna.com via Crissy on Pinterest

Source: etsy.com via Jennifer on Pinterest

Subway art is awesome! And … you can even do it yourself. More on that on another post. Exciting stuff!


I know this seems like a weird favorite, but you would be amazed at all the cool things you can do with a light bulb. Besides the fact that the look of the bulb can completely change the feel of a light fixture, bulbs can be used in so many other ways. Take a look …

Source: bing.com via Leslie on Pinterest

Source: postnet.com via PostNet on Pinterest

Have I convinced you that you should never throw away an old light bulb? So many creative ideas – one is better than the next!


Yep … this is another one of my favorites. I don’t just love light bulbs, but this time of year I am dying over all the beautiful flower bulbs coming up.  Sigh … the pollen is terrible but the flowers make it worth it.

Source: bhg.com via Suzan on Pinterest

Source: google.com via Azure on Pinterest

Source: kodak.com via Jan on Pinterest

Source: google.com via Janet on Pinterest

Source: dutchbulbs.com via Kathy on Pinterest

I have planted all these bulbs in my garden this year. I just hope they come up as beautifully as these pictures. I’ll take some pictures when they start to peek through a little more.

Well that’s it for this weeks edition of FFF. Hope you have a wonderful and safe weekend. See you Monday!

Hope your life is more heaven than havoc!

About Missi @ havoc to heaven

I am the President and CEO of the Smith House (according to me). I am married and we have four teenagers all within 3 1/2 years of each other - including a set of twins. Let's just say I log more miles on my car then a NY taxi driver. I am one crazy, busy lady. But - I know that the kids will be off to college soon enough so I relish the craziness and take lots of Xanax (oops I mean baths). I love to see things that are in havoc turn into heaven on earth. I am a self taught designer who has a passion for paint colors, fabrics, vintage accessories and everything on Etsy and Pinterest! I hope you enjoy my blog. I will be showing all kinds of scenarios that have been taken from "Havoc to Heaven" - from remodeling, refinishing and maybe just starting from scratch!

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  1. Hey Missi – I love your blog! I can’t believe it’s been 19 years since you left. By the way, your post yesterday was hilarious!!!

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