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Hi All!

If you have ever remodeled a kitchen before, you know what a ton of work it is to get it to completion.  It is all in the details and that means a lot of appointments to pick out everything from faucets, appliances, cabinets, counter tops, hardware, tiles, lighting and the list goes on …

I was lucky enough to find a wonderful kitchen designer to help bring my vision to fruition.  If you ever need someone to do a beautiful kitchen design for you, please do not hesitate to contact Cheryl Pett at  I was trying to design the kitchen on my own, but you really need an expert to help you with dimensions, placement, timing and a plethora of other things you would never even think about doing!

So here is the overall kitchen pictures today.  I will show you details tomorrow – granite, lighting, tile and hardware.

Cabinets are Here!!  What a mess … but it just makes the finished product that much more sweet!

This is the back wall of the kitchen.  The fridge and ovens are where the door and window used to be.  See the before again …

Isn’t the after dramatic?  Such a huge difference from where it was.  Yikes … I wish I would have emptied the counters for this picture.  But – of course this was pre-blog and I wasn’t thinking of presentation.  You can see a little bit of the breakfast room in this picture.  I am going to do another post on the breakfast room a different day.  Stay tuned …

I never thought I would say this, but the window over the sink was just too big.  I didn’t really know what to do with it so I decided to break it up with a shelf (thanks to my mom for helping with this idea)!  It did help, esthetically, but the sun beats in in the afternoon and gives me a good reason not to do dishes.  It is HOT!  Who wants to be hot while doing dishes?  Not me.  Having cafe curtains made for under the shelf.  I will be sure to show you when they are installed.

Can’t wait to show you the granite tomorrow!  The perimeter is the most amazing green granite called Sea Oats.  It is probably my most favorite thing in the kitchen.

Looking from the other side.  I wanted lots of drawers – deep, big drawers.  I definitely got them.  Love them!

A view with the island.  Oh … I love my island!!  It is 9 feet long and an amazing sage green color.  It is a subtle green – that really looks like a neutral.  I put different granite on the island and really wanted it to be one big piece.  There is nothing worse than a seam in the wrong spot … drives me crazy.  I actually went to the granite yard and picked out the slab I wanted.  This piece was exactly what I was looking for … yay!

The cabinets are an antique white with a simple shaker style.  I wanted a cottage/farmhouse look so the simpler the better.  The cabinet over the ovens has dividers for cookie sheets and the cabinet drawer under the ovens holds placemats and oven mitts.  I love that no space is wasted!  The cabinet over the fridge is so big that I fit 3 full sets of china with all the serving pieces!  Awesome!

The other side of the island – more big drawers!  Oh and Sadie in the background – she was so curious – cracks me up!

One side of the island … more drawers!  These are the perfect size drawers to be “junk” drawers.  You can never have too many “junk” drawers in a kitchen.  The other side of the island has the second pull out waste basket and my paper plate/napkin drawer.

This beverage area is on the opposite wall of the sink and fridge.  It’s a great area that has an ice maker, filtered water and a mini fridge we keep soda and juice in. The cabinet on the bottom right has dividers for serving trays – the bottom left is a pull out for my KitchenAid mixer.  The upper cabinets are barware and glasses. The middle is a cool seeded glass – I really wanted chicken wire here – but decided against it when I read about the dust.  I think I am regretting that decision – really my only regret.

This was the before of the beverage area … doesn’t it look alot bigger?  The wall is the exact same size – it’s so weird!

Okay … so that is your first sneak peek of the “reveal”.  Hope you enjoyed it.  I will be back tomorrow with the details – lighting, tile, granite, hardware and faucets.  Please check back!

Hope your life is more heaven than havoc!


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  1. Oh my gosh Missi it is fabulous!!! You did an amazing job! This does not even look like the same house! Love, love, love it!

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