The Kitchen – BEFORE


Hi All!

I did not post yesterday because I was in travel mode.  I drove back from FL with my son and to be honest was just too whooped to put together a post when I finally arrived home.

I do want to let you know that by the end of my visit, I was walking from the condo to the elevator in relatively normal fashion (20th Floor).  I still could not look over … but hey one step at a time!

One of the reasons I started this blog was to record my memories of taking a foreclosure from havoc to heaven (hence – my blog name).  I was trying to get this posting thing down before I started on showing you all our huge projects – I think I am ready.  Baby steps …

Hubby and I purchased a foreclosed home in July of 2011.  I didn’t know then that I would be blogging or I would have taken a TON more pictures.  I can only share what I have – the photography is anything but professional so bear with me.  I will do much better on my AFTER pics!

This house had been sitting empty for about 3 years and had really suffered from neglect.  The smell was just awful … I wish the pics could be scratch and sniff so you could truly appreciate our pain.  The house had very few light fixtures, no faucets, drains or shower heads, no appliances, no cabinet hardware, missing doors, missing toilets and someone had even cut out all the copper piping and pulled out the electric panel!  This doesn’t even include what the outside had going on – yikes!  It was a real disaster!  But … it had potential!

We had an inspector come out (twice) and he assured us that the roof, foundation and structure was in great shape.  He also calmed our biggest fear – NO MOLD!  We can work with esthetics … foundation and structure is a whole nother story!

We think the house had been broken into several times and we had heard from some neighbors that the bank had replaced the counter tops in the kitchen a couple times to make the house “showable”.  You will see the “black bank” granite in the pics – really bad installation.

Ugly, stinky, dirty cabinets – but a big beautiful window! Did I mention that the cabinets were different colors?  Hard to see in pictures …

I love all the crap on the counters!  Oops – sorry!  This picture is a little deceiving – kitchen doesn’t look half bad here.  But … if you look real close you will see a drawer that has been smashed in.

Close up of drawer … why?

Another view from the other side.  Take notice of the wall on the right side of picture and the door and windows on the far left …. these do not stay.  You will have to wait and see!

Better picture of the wall that separates the kitchen from the family room.

Check back tomorrow for the DURING pictures … what a mess … but you can really see the progress!

Hope your life is more heaven than havoc!


About Missi @ havoc to heaven

I am the President and CEO of the Smith House (according to me). I am married and we have four teenagers all within 3 1/2 years of each other - including a set of twins. Let's just say I log more miles on my car then a NY taxi driver. I am one crazy, busy lady. But - I know that the kids will be off to college soon enough so I relish the craziness and take lots of Xanax (oops I mean baths). I love to see things that are in havoc turn into heaven on earth. I am a self taught designer who has a passion for paint colors, fabrics, vintage accessories and everything on Etsy and Pinterest! I hope you enjoy my blog. I will be showing all kinds of scenarios that have been taken from "Havoc to Heaven" - from remodeling, refinishing and maybe just starting from scratch!

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  1. We bought a foreclosure too that had been broken into/vandalized. They had spraypraint cursed the police all over the place. Luckily, it was pretty easy to remedy with some fresh paint. A few other things were not as easy to fix, but we did it eventually! (Unfortunately, we rent that house out, but it turned out really nice after a lot of TLC.) Good luck with yours!

    • Thanks Erica! Foreclosures are alot of work, but once you get the house the way you want it – it almost feels like you built it. We still have some work to do … but I am enjoying it!

  2. Great post as always! I enjoy seeing the “before” as I got to be with you for some of the “during”. Glad you had a great vacation and I won’t ask you to go hot air ballooning with me anytime soon!

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