Love Gifts from Mom!


Hello All and Happy Monday!

I arrived in Florida yesterday on a little break and it is beautiful!  I came down with my son since he is out for a winter break this coming week.  We are staying with my parents in Panama City Beach.  I haven’t been here in a while and I had forgotten how amazing the beaches are in the panhandle of Florida.  Sugar white sand, emerald green waters and sunshine – it doesn’t get any better!  However … there was a little problem.  My parents are on the 20th floor – I am deathly afraid of heights.

So I get off the elevator on floor 20 and don’t realize that the hallways are open balconies.

I immediately drop to the ground with my eyes closed.  Please keep in mind that I am not the most limber girl in the world and once I hit the ground – getting up might not be so easy.  My mom (in her southern accent) yells “get up FOOL!”  But, I can’t – so she has to lead me by the sound of her voice into the condo.  Not my proudest moment.

Then I saw the view … wow!  Of course I could not take these pics … 20th floor remember!

For those of you who know me – you probably know how much I like owls.  Much to the chagrin of my daughter who is scared to death of owls (related to some horror movie I told her not to watch – teens are such good listeners).  Anyway … my mom always surprises me with the most unique and spectacular gifts and this trip was no different.  Check out my haul … I’m a lucky girl!

How cute is this owl lamp?  The owl is tin as well as the sage green shade.  The owl is sitting on a wooden pedestal.  I love love love it!

See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil!  Are you kidding?  Are these not the coolest things ever?  Speak No Evil is kinda my mantra … I have a bad habit of letting my thoughts fly without thinking sometimes.  Oops … !

This pillow is made of burlap.  My new favorite decorating fabric.  It is rustic, cottage, farmhouse and traditional.  Look at the orange … color of the year!  Awesome!

Spectacular frame!  Burlap bows … so cool!  If you look real close – the plexiglass is held up by tiny little nails.  I think I can attempt to make this … I’ll let you know.

Seriously!  Owls in bling!  This is an old brooch pinned to this bow.  Some people are such geniuses in their craft!    This frame will have a place of prominence in my office!

Close up!

One more … just cuz I love it soooo much!

Cute girlie birds in orange and yellow!  I am going to name them Lucy and Ethel.  Don’t they look like they are getting ready to get into some trouble?

I will be hanging this by my door to the garage as a reminder to all!  Hilarious!

Are those the best gifts or what?  I was thrilled!  I want to also give a big blog shout out to my sister – Happy Birthday!!  Hope your day is Wonderful!

Hope your life is more heaven than havoc!


About Missi @ havoc to heaven

I am the President and CEO of the Smith House (according to me). I am married and we have four teenagers all within 3 1/2 years of each other - including a set of twins. Let's just say I log more miles on my car then a NY taxi driver. I am one crazy, busy lady. But - I know that the kids will be off to college soon enough so I relish the craziness and take lots of Xanax (oops I mean baths). I love to see things that are in havoc turn into heaven on earth. I am a self taught designer who has a passion for paint colors, fabrics, vintage accessories and everything on Etsy and Pinterest! I hope you enjoy my blog. I will be showing all kinds of scenarios that have been taken from "Havoc to Heaven" - from remodeling, refinishing and maybe just starting from scratch!

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