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Hey Friends –

A little over a year ago, my daughter came to me with a picture of the room she had to have or her life would never be complete.

Ok – I was willing to try to make this work – but I had to do it on a budget.  She wanted all the orange to be green and the green to be orange.  I had a mission and I knew I could succeed with a little help from HomeGoods, fabric bought online and my staple gun!

The big statement in the room had to be the headboard.  I did a little research and decided this was definitely something I could tackle.  This is not as hard to make as you might think.  Here are the steps:

Things You’ll Need

  • 1/2-inch plywood cut to size
  • Spray adhesive
  • Upholstery foam or polyester batting, 8 inches wider and taller than the plywood
  • Fabric, 8 inches wider and taller than the plywood
  • Bed sheet, 8 inches wider and taller than the plywood
  • Staple gun

1.  Spread out old newspapers in a well-ventilated area and lay the plywood on top of them.

2.  Spray the plywood generously with spray adhesive.

3.  Carefully position the pre-cut upholstery foam or batting over the plywood. Spread it out so the edges evenly hang over the edges of the plywood. Make sure there are no air pockets, or places where the foam doesn’t adhere to the board.

4.  Spread out the fabric on a flat surface, right side down. If you want extra padding, use a bed comfortable. You’ll save even more money if you find a comforter you like at a clearance sale price.

5.  Spread out the sheet evenly over the fabric, making sure the edges of the sheet is even with the edges of the fabric. I use a sheet here so that if you ever want to change out the fabric – you don’t have to start over. Just remove fabric and put new fabric right over the sheet.

6.  Carefully center the plywood over the sheet/fabric with the upholstery foam facing down. You should now have everything layered, from bottom to top, in this order: fabric, sheet, upholstery foam, plywood.

7.  Begin at the top center and fold over the fabric, sheet and batting or foam, pull tight and staple it to the back of the plywood. Work your way to the ends of the top, alternating left and right to keep fabric from wrinkling.

8.  Pull tight on the bottom center section and staple it to the back of the plywood. Work your way to the bottom corners, alternating from left to right.  Check the front often to be sure the fabric is free of wrinkles.

9.  Repeat these steps for the two sides.

10.  Staple each layer one at a time – it makes it easier to take apart if you need to later.


Here is my finished headboard:

I have used this headboard again in another room with different colors.  I will show you in another post.

Do you have a bedroom that just doesn’t look complete?  Would you like to add some cheap and easy WOW to your guest room?  Has your teenager been wanting to change up their room for the 3rd time and you don’t want to put any more money into what might be temporary?  If you answered yes to any of these questions then this post is for you!  You won’t believe all the cool ways you can make a headboard!  Here is a sneak peek …

Seriously!  How awesome is this!  Got some old wood laying around and a can of spray paint?  That’s it for this rustic/industrial style headboard.  You could coordinate the color with your room and use any word that inspires you!  I think it would even look pretty cool with just initials!

Using metal or wooden letters and/or numbers in different sizes or fonts can really make an impact!  These letters are pretty easy to find on Etsy.com or Ebay.com.  The look can be contemporary, industrial or even a rustic cottage look.  I think this would look outstanding in a college dorm room, a first apartment or a teen’s room.

Your favorite piece of art used behind the bed gives you the chance to see it in a whole different light.  Whether it’s something you have painted, your child painted or something you bought – it can bring a great deal of meaning to a room by being so prominent.  This could work in any room – from a young childs to the master bedroom.  Use what you love – Art is subjective.

“Art and life are subjective. Not everybody’s gonna dig what I dig, but I reserve the right to dig it.”
Whoopi Goldberg

Next post will include more amazing headboard ideas.  Please come back to visit …

Hope your life is more heaven than havoc!


About Missi @ havoc to heaven

I am the President and CEO of the Smith House (according to me). I am married and we have four teenagers all within 3 1/2 years of each other - including a set of twins. Let's just say I log more miles on my car then a NY taxi driver. I am one crazy, busy lady. But - I know that the kids will be off to college soon enough so I relish the craziness and take lots of Xanax (oops I mean baths). I love to see things that are in havoc turn into heaven on earth. I am a self taught designer who has a passion for paint colors, fabrics, vintage accessories and everything on Etsy and Pinterest! I hope you enjoy my blog. I will be showing all kinds of scenarios that have been taken from "Havoc to Heaven" - from remodeling, refinishing and maybe just starting from scratch!

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  1. LOVE this idea! I am receiving pressure for a new room from one of my monkeez & this would be a great solution. Thanks for the inspiration.

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