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Make Your Front Porch Say “Welcome”!


Well … another Monday after a busy weekend.  The weather was beautiful – thank goodness with all we had going on.  My parents are here on their way back to Minnesota from a winter in Florida.  I love this visit every year – the trees are blooming, lacrosse is in full swing and it’s Prom weekend.  I am going to include a few pictures of Prom, mainly for family or friends that might be interested.  If you want to skim right through these … be my guest. You won’t hurt my feelings.

Saturday was crazy – my daughter and I left early to drive to the beauty salon to have her prom up-do done. We had prom pics with 30 couples at 5:00 and then we hosted the after party.  It was a loooonnnggg night for mom and dad, but kids had a blast.

Here are some pictures …  An amazing braided bun:

Isn’t it so unique and beautiful?  We found it on Pinterest – Bryce Dallas Howard was wearing it to some award show.  I printed the picture and the girl at the salon whipped it right up – she was amazing!  We liked it even more than the pic!

Iridescent drop earrings matched the beads on the dress.

This is the clutch she carried.  It is Blush and matched her shoes and nails perfectly.  You know how important that is?!

Da da da …. the dress!

Here is the beading at the top of the dress.  It is a pewter color and just gorgeous!

The full dress.  Okay … here is the story on the dress.  I found this dress on ebay.  It is made by a company in China who reproduces celebrity dresses and beads all their dresses by hand.  It is called celebritydresses.com.  Sounds a little spendy, right?  Nope – dress was $139.00 – yes you heard that right … $139.00.  But what about shipping – it is coming from China?  $39.00 – uh huh… Grand total was $178.00.  I don’t know if any of you have ever bought a prom dress, but they are crazy expensive.  I was stupid last year and paid $548.00 – what was I thinking??  Never again.

Here is it all together …

Beautiful day, nice date and great friends!  They had a wonderful time.  If you can believe it … the fun did not end until 10:30 a.m. on Sunday.  Prom is quite the adventure!

Alright … enough of my gushing.  On to the front porch!

Your front door and/or porch is the centerpiece of your home.  It is where your first impressions are made and can determine if your guests feel welcome or not so special.  It is really easy to make your front entrance welcoming.  Just a few simple items and you can change the front of your home from sad to a big, warm smile!

This is my front door.  It was originally a solid front door – with cracked white paint.  We replaced the door with a glass door to bring light into the foyer.  I like the look of a glass door – but I know it is not for everyone.  It can be a problem for privacy – especially if someone comes to the door you don’t know – you can be a little vulnerable.  If this happens to me, I just roll off the couch and hide on the floor.  Not really … but I have thought about it.  One of the most favorite things I did to the outside of my house is paint around the windows in SW Rustic Red.  I will show you some before and after’s of the outside of our house in another post.  I love how it turned out!

This is the empty right corner of the porch.

Left side is also empty and not happy at all!

First add a welcome mat.  Let me just say that I like the colors in this mat … but it is waaaaayyy too small and is driving me crazy.  This will have to be replaced.  But for now it will have to do.

The next thing I wanted to do was add a chair to the corner.  I had an old chair that had been exposed to the elements for a bit too long.

Just a plain, old chair – no real character.

Here is a close up … can you see how weathered it is?  Now – just a can of black spray paint and TA-DA!  New chair!

Ignore the pollen … I tried to wipe it down – but couldn’t wipe fast enough.  Pollen is the Pits!

Add a pillow.  This is a burlap (one of my Friday Favorites) pillow – monogrammed with our house numbers.  I actually ordered this from Pottery Barn – it was on sale and very reasonable.  Instead of monogramming with initials – I did it with the numbers instead.  I like the way it turned out.

Close up of the pillow.  The red matches my window trim exactly.  Yay me!

I added a couple cheap lanterns that I picked up at Hobby Lobby.  The candles inside (again a rustic red) are the flame less candles that turn on by themselves on a timer.  It is such a welcoming look when the candles light up the lanterns at night.  This is such an easy way to make a big impact on warming up your welcome.

This is a super funky “S” I picked up at an Antique Market.  I love the colors in it and it is the perfect size.  You can see it from the street, but it is not obnoxious.

Here is a better shot of the colors and textures.  Really unique and one-of-a-kind.

Put a wreath on your front door.  Nothing says welcome like a beautiful wreath that goes with the season.  This is my spring welcome wreath.  I purchased this on Etsy.com and I adore the colors and the butterflies!

Here you can really see those butterflies!  This shop on Etsy does the most beautiful wreaths.  They last forever and make such a statement.  I think it’s worth it.  You can take a look at – http://www.etsy.com/shop/LuxeWreaths?ref=seller_info.  You could also make your own – I haven’t tackled that project yet.

Want to see it all together? Here are the current after pictures.  I have some pots with flowers coming and few other surprises – I’ll post those pictures later.

See how simple and easy it is to change the entire look of your porch or front door?  The longest time anything took on this fix up, was spray painting the chair and that was done in less than an hour.  You can welcome your friends and family to your home by adding a few simple items … it will make you smile and will make them feel at home.  Give it a try!

Hope your life is more heaven than havoc!


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Fabulous Friday Favorites


TGIF!!!  Kids are out of school today – not sure if that is good or bad?  The sleeping late part is good – but the constant bickering … not so much!

I have decided to start a new addition to Friday posts … My top 3 Fabulous Friday Favorites.  I would love your opinions and comments.  What do you think?


I am so in love with burlap right now.  I love it as a table runner, art, wreaths and pillows and anything else I can wrap up with it!  I think it can work in all types of homes – cottage, rustic, traditional, contemporary and beach.

Source: google.com via Lauran on Pinterest

Source: homageblog.com via Bea on Pinterest

Source: etsy.com via Liz on Pinterest

Seriously … isn’t burlap the bomb! I love the texture, neutral colors and flexibility. It’s not the coziest thing to lay on – but it sure looks good!

2.  BIRDS:

If you haven’t seen birds everywhere then you have been living in a cave.  From high-end boutiques to Pottery Barn to Walmart – they are on everything!  They can be multi-colored, solid colors (like a silhouette), big or small.   Birds are on wallpaper, pillows, bedding, table dressings, art – you name it!  Here are just a few of my favorites (including my own powder bath)!

I was so thrilled when this wallpaper went up in my powder bath.  I know the colors are kind of hard to see on these pictures, but the background is a gold/mustard color and the pattern is a rustic red.  I seriously hugged my walls when the paper was installed – I was so excited!

These are the bird pictures on the wall in the powder bath.  I picked up the main pictures at an estate sale for $5.00 each – then had them framed.  They look so expensive … I love a deal!  I will be doing another post on the transformation of this bathroom.  This bath didn’t even have a toilet when we moved in!

Cute bird fabric! Would be wonderful in a playroom, nursery or little girl’s room. I think I would also like it on pillows for outdoors – funky!

This is my daughter’s room.  I purchased this tree and bird decals on Etsy.  It was really easy to apply and changed the entire look of the room.  She loves it!

Bird pillows from Pottery Barn.  Google “bird pillows” – you won’t believe what will come up – amazing!



I want this pillow so bad for the banquette in my kitchen.  I think it is so funky and cute!  I am just afraid the white will not be white for long after 4 kids wipe their hands on it!  Boo!

3.  OWLS:

I know … I know … you are thinking “Are owls not birds? Why a whole category on owls?”  Because they make me happy happy happy … !  These pictures are from my own personal owl collection – Oh my God!  I sound like I am 100!

This is my pride and joy … an antique McCoy owl cookie jar.  I adore it so much that I am afraid to use it, so it sits on a shelf, holding up my cookbooks.  I got it on Ebay!

This is my owl from Mexico.  I like to pretend that I got it while staying in a 5 star resort in Cabo … but I really got it at a garage sale for 50 cents.  Yay me!

Just a little grouping of unusual owls.  When I see them in a picture, I realize I might be a little obsessed.

This was the first owl I ever bought.  I saw it in a magazine spread and was determined to have it.  Now you can find them pretty easily, but at the time, I had to stalk the internet to track it down … not to mention I paid a fortune.  Oops!

Yikes is this a bad picture or what?  This is my rock owl family.  I really am crazy!

And just to prove that I have truly lost my mind … a Wizard Owl.  Really?

This next picture is not in my collection – but I wish it was … Oh no, I think I might need an owl sponsor to “talk me down” from the crazy tree.


Are you ready for more kitchen remodeling?  See you back on Monday for the Kitchen – DURING post!  Have a great weekend!

Hope your life is more heaven than havoc!