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Here Little Birdy Birdy!


I probably should have saved this post for a Teach Me Tuesday, but I was so excited to do this project after I saw it in Lowe’s Creative Idea Magazine. I am giving away one of my DIY secrets – because I love the ideas in this magazine and they are usually pretty easy to do.  This is a great FREE publication you can get at the store or an online subscription.

However, I really got excited when I saw that one of my favorite fellow bloggers, Beckie at Infarrantly Creative was the original creator of this project – I was sold!  My pictures won’t be anywhere near as good as her amazing pictures … but I will do my best to walk you through this great Birdseed Wreath Project.

Source: infarrantlycreative.net via Missi on Pinterest

Here is what you will need:

1.  Canvas Drop Cloth for the Bow and Hanger

2.  3/4 cups of White Flour

3.  1 envelope of Gelatine

4. Wooden Spoon

5.  Bundt Pan

6.  3 Tbsp. Light Corn Syrup

7.  Non-stick Spray

8.   4 cups of Wild Bird Seed

9.  1/2 cup of warm water

10.  Whisk (oops – I forgot to add this in the picture)

Spray your bundt pan with non-stick spray.  Check out that “action” shot.  Woo!

Mix together the gelatine and warm water.  Then add flour and corn syrup and whisk well.  It will make a paste-like substance.

Add the birdseed and start mixing with your wooden spoon.

Mix together thoroughly until all the seed is covered with the “paste”.

Put birdseed mix into sprayed bundt pan.

Use your wooden spoon to press the bird seed mix evenly and firmly into the bundt pan.

Here it is nice and evenly pressed into the pan.  Now – just leave the pan with the seed in it on the counter overnight.  It will dry and harden and be super easy to pop out in the morning.  In the mean time, you can get your hanger and bow ready to go.

This is just a canvas drop cloth from Lowe’s.  It cost me less than $5.00 and can be used for a ton of different projects.  For this project, I am going to use it to make the hanger and bow for the wreath.  This canvas is very easy to tear once you start a little cut with your scissors.  I like the rustic look the tearing gives the fabric.

I just tore 2 strips off the big canvas – simple!

This is the wreath right after I popped it out of the bundt pan.  It slid right out – in a perfect circle.

Close up … can you see the bundt ridges?  Gives the wreath a little interest.

Loop one strip of the canvas through the top of the wreath.  Give yourself enough length to tie onto your tree branch or whatever you plan on tying it on.

Now pull through the other strip to tie into a bow.  Make sure your strip is even on both sides.

Your bow DOES NOT need to be perfect.  Trust me this material is forgiving and you can play with it until you like the way it looks.  I like a floppy bow – a little more casual and rustic.

Done.  How easy was that?  Now just hang it and watch the birds flock to your homemade happiness.

I will be hanging mine near my birdbath so I can see the birds eat and splash in the bath.

Source: buzzfeed.com via Paul on Pinterest

I hope I will be seeing this little bird by the afternoon. Here Little Birdy Birdy!

Hope your life is more heaven than havoc!